Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United Kingdom
He's From:     United Kingdom

Well, my story is a love story, even though we are not in love anymore. I knew it was true love... but like many others it was not a success.

  I met him when I was 16 yrs old (just because I am young does not mean I was not in love). He was 22. The way we met was somewhat strange. I live in a city in England called Brighton and my friends very often chat on the internet, anyway on yahoo they set up their own chat (I was not using the internet at this moment) and surely enough my soon to be lover joined.

My friends started talking to him, and told me the next day that they met a really cool guy on the net.. they met with him nearly everyday that week and by the end of the week they had each others phone numbers and were texting each other.







That weekend they met up for a drink in a bar (3 of my friends and him and a friend). I got sick of my friends talking about him so they gave me his number so I could find out what all the fuss was about. Believe it or not but we hit it off big time.

But I was busy with exams so we didn't meet up for 3 weeks. After clubbing one night he txt me and said that he was just leaving a club, at that moment I had also left so we arranged to meet in 5 minutes in the kebeb house for a chat. The second he walked in the door I knew it was him, he was gorgeous and I knew he was thinking the same, it was a brief meeting. The next time I saw him was after I came back from holiday. After this we just hit it off. We saw each other nearly every night throughout September and October.

At the beginning we both just wanted some idle fun but by January I knew that I loved him. This is when it started to go downhill. We both knew what we felt, but it was difficult for us to become a couple because he is Indian and his family are very traditional and he HAS to marry an Indian women, plus all his last girlfriends were Indian, so we had to keep our relationship casual seeing each other once or twice a week. I felt like the happiest girl in the world but when I wasn't with him I cried all the time. My mind had convinced me that would one day be together and I still sometimes think that.

Well your wondering why we aren't together now. This past July I went on holiday to my villa in France for 3 weeks with my family. I had been saving up and I brought him these really expensive cigars in a special box for him. I couldn't wait to see him when i got back but he was visiting his family in Bradford (far north of U.K) so i wasn't going to sse him for a while..a few weeks later I txted him to see where he was and he was back in Brighton. He phoned me for a chat, well that's what I thought..he phoned to tell me that he had a new Indian girlfirend..his age..and we can't be together anymore..but we will always be friends.

My world sunk but at least I had his friendship. Well actually I don't because he txt me about 2 weeks ago saying we can't be friends because everything is too complicated. So the last time I actually saw him was when I went on holiday. I never got to give him the cigars. But everyday it gets a bit better and I'm with someone really special now. But I always wonder...was he my one true love?