Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   The Philippines
He's From:     United States

First of all, I know that u guys believe that "First Love Never Dies" right? I heard that from a lot of ppl. I used to think that online relationships don't work out until I met a guy online who became my first love and became part of my life that I will always remember and never forget.

It all started here. I was in a chat room that time and talking to strangers. It was spring break and I didn't have school for a week. I told them to check my pic out. I don't put my own pic, I usually put celebrities' pics. Peoplel in the chatroom were picking on me coz they knew it was a fake pic but then I didn't give up, I still pretended that I was the one in the pic. Most of them were picking on me and against me but I didn't give up.

There's this guy who sent me a msg and told me to ignore them coz they were not worth my time so I did what he told me. We talked for like hours about stuff and he kept asking me why the people online were picking on me and I told him the truth that the pic on my profile wasn't me.






Well, he didn't get mad coz I sent him my real pic and he found me good looking. After that, we started to chat everyday in spring break. After spring break, I didn't get to talk to him for a month coz school has started. I would send him offline msgs so I'd know how he was doing and all that but then I didn't get any replies from him so I just decided to forget him and I deleted his ID on my buddy list.

After a month of not going online, I went online for a while and checked who was online. When I logged in, that guy who is Nathan sent me a msg saying hi and asking how I was doing. So, we talked for about 3 hours about our love lives and asked me if I had a boyfriend that time but I told him no coz I didn't really have one at that time. He told me if I needed a boyfriend, he was just there. So we became a couple.

We would talk everyday even though the time in my country and in his place are really different. He would wake up at 5am before he would go to work just to be able to talk to me and I'd go online at 8pm (my time) to be able to talk to me and I'd sacrifice sleeping late even though I got swimming training the next day. My mom would scold me whenever I sleep late but he didn't even know what my situation was.

Our relationship only lasted for 3 months coz things weren't going right. We could barely talk to each other coz he got work to do and I got school so we didn't have time for each other so I guess we had to do what was right. But when we ended our relationship it was really bad. We're not even friends now coz of what happened to us.

Things didn't go clear. We don't even have any communications with each other. But when it was Christmas and new year's day, I sent him a message and greeted him but I didn't receive any replies from him so I thought that he didn't even wanna reply to me and forgot me already. I'm just confused. We broke up about 6 months ago but why do I still remember him? I still love him but he doesn't know it coz I don't wanna tell him about my feelings coz I know that he wouldn't love be back again coz of what happened.

I made a mistake of letting him go. He's the best guy I've ever met online. Nathan, if you're reading this message, I just wanna tell you that I still love you no matter what happens and that you became part of my life. I felt bad when I broke up with him. I still feel bad because he's not mine anymore. I wonder when I'm going meet someone like him. We sacrificed for each other like waking up early and sleeping late. And this love was a long distance relationship and I just met him online.

I know that this story isn't really interesting but I just wanna let you know that "Don't take anyone for granted..." and don't let the person that you love go away.. I got a message for him, its like a song. "Tell me, where did I go wrong? what did I do to make you change? You're mine completely. When I thought this love would never end but if this love not us to have I'd let it go with your goodbye".