Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Australia

My love story is a beautiful, very sweet love story. My Baby and I met in an on-line dating service. I had never even thought of going to one.


But, because prior to that I had met a wonderful friend on-line from Australia I knew I really wanted to meet the man of my dreams from Australia. So, I went to a dating service and went to a Australian site. Within a day I had received a message from him. I answered him back right away. His pic was so cute and his profile was so good. I knew I had to reply. We chatted for a week every day, as much as possible.

He wrote such beautiful letters to me. No one had ever written such beautiful words to me. After one week we cammed for the first time. As soon as we saw each other on cam we knew we loved each other so much. And then within a month my Baby came to New York to meet me and my family.






  We met at the airport. I was so nervous and I had taken my two sons with me who are very protective of their Mom. When his flight finally arrived (it was 3 hours late due to weather) and I saw him my heart melted. When I walked up to him and he held me for the first time I knew this was so right.

When he kissed me I wanted to cry. I had never been happier in my whole life. We went to a beautiful, old rustic Bed&Breakfast. The funniest part was I had never been there before I knew where the road was but, not the B&B. So, it was really late and snowing quite bad, we ended up driving up and down the road for quite awhile. I finally stopped the car. I had to hold him one more time and have him kiss me again. We had become so close, all I wanted was to be next to him and have him hold me. This happened three times before we finally had someone ask if everything was alright. We said yes and asked for directions. The woman took us right to the B&B.

They had turned their outside lights off that is why we didn't see it. That night was so magical. So beautiful. There are no words to describe it accept it was a beautiful dream come true. He had bought me a beautiful gold bracelet with a heart on it and a teddy bear. I bought him a teddy bear too. I collect teddy bears so it was so sweet and romantic. I had brought candles and while he showered after his long flight I put out the candles and put on some very romantic music and we spent the rest of the night so much in love. In the morning, he proposed to me in the spa on one knee. I was so happy!! All my dreams had come true.

My Baby is everything I ever wanted in a man. He is wonderful. He is my friend, my lover and someday he will be my husband. We spent six beautiful days in love. We spent Thanksgiving with my family and they loved him. And then went to NYC for the weekend. We talked all the way down on the drive we laughed and talked it was so nice. We felt so close to each other like we had known each other for ever. I felt so blessed. Saying good-bye to him at the airport was the hardest thing either of us had to do. We both cried. But, after one month I moved to Australia to live with him. When I arrived he was there at the airport waiting for me. My heart melted as soon as I saw him. The first day was the best, he always does everything to make me so happy.

He took me home to our first home together. It was beautiful. When we got home he had bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and he also had bought me a cd that I had left in the rental car in NYC. He knew it was my favorite. And we had a very special, very unforgettable day and first night together. The hardest part of our story is his family hasn't accepted me yet. Tearing him apart. So, right now I am back in NY while he is trying to spend more time with his family and convince them how happy he is with his new life. Finding the happiness and love that we have and then having to be apart is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I hope soon I will have a second part to our beautiful story and tell you all that I am back in Australia with my Baby. And his family has accepted our relationship.