Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   The Philippines
He's From:     United Kingdom

I just finished college in the field of advertising. I applied for a job in a top advertising companies in the Philippines.



My descendents were British and my dad is a Filipino so sometimes I travel a lot back to my other country. When I had this Job, I was really doing great.

I had a good working relationship with everyone, until my Boss who supervises me, who serves as my motivation to my job flew to Germany for an Advertising conference. I was given a very simple task when he left. So after 3 days, I'm done! The only reason why I go to the office that time is be there and that's it.

Killing time and so busy doing nothing. So I decided to install a Yahoo messenger. From that point, I become addicted to chatting, I talked to so many guys on the site online.







Well, I've been close to lost of guys until I met Luke who really caught my attention. He actually asked me who am I first when he saw me on a room. His first words were, "wanna play?"

I was thinking this guy is just looking for something nasty. So I actually asked him where you are, how do you look like and stuff. Just wanna go with the flow, until he said "Why do you need to ask that?, I just wanna play pool". (he just want to play online pool with me). I was so embarrassed thinking different. He is a nice guy. Very professional. He beat me on that pool game all the time.

Everyday we play this game, and there was never a time that I won. I found out that we have the same interests and knew a lot about him, his family, his life and ambitions. He knows where I'm at even he's not here and even though he doesn't know that place is or how it looks like. He has a picture of me coz he asked that as a bet whenever we play pool. As much as I wanted to see his face, I can't coz he always wins. LOL.

Every single day at work, 90% of my time is talking to him. So the result, I was never productive at my work. Until my boss arrived. When I showed him the task he assigned to me, he was not happy at all. He knew I didn't focus on doing it. He asked me to repeat it in 2 days. I ignored Luke. He now wondered why I was never online. I was hiding and he kept on sending messages I didn't reply coz I didn't wanna start a
conversation again. I'm in love with him but I knew nothings gonna happen, it affected me real bad on my job so I decided to stop it.

After the 2 day deadline, I presented it and it was successful. (Good lord). Later that afternoon, I saw him online. I talked to him to say goodbye, coz I knew it would be better. He was just a distraction to my work. I played pool with for the last time and asked him for a bet... If he wins, we will continue the friendship, If I win, I'm gonna
delete my account and stop it. I wanna win it, so I asked my coworker (a guy) to play with him. My coworker won that last game. He was mad. I remember him saying this words... "is that what you want?, fine..." I cried, I don't know why! Before I deleted my account he asked me to accept his last email... He sent his picture and his last message to me.

He is so cute. I had a regret honestly. But thinking he was in Europe and I'm in Asia. It's not gonna work! I deleted my email finally...and became a team leader for the project in 6 months.

After this long time, I haven't had any relationship yet. I haven't forgotten him yet. Whenever I see the smiley logo of Yahoo, I feel really odd and remember him, and here's the amazing thing. He didn't forget about me either...Those times I'm thinking about him. He's thinking and planning his trip to the Philippines to find me and he
did. All he knows is my deleted yahooID and nothing else.

Will continue this story...